MAC Trophy

Announcing the return of MONDAY AFTERNOON CURLING and The Prestigious and Historical MAC TROPHY

Yes, it is true! The high calibre, Briar-like, curling previously practiced by the Masters of Williamsford Curling Club may be due for a return. There is no word yet that TNN will want to televise this sporting extravaganza but wait for it.
If we can find sixteen curlers with exaggerated self esteem (or those who just don’t give a hoot) we can make this historical renaissance happen this coming fall. You may indicate your interest by leaving your name and phone number on the poster at the club. Best hurry though. Now that the Briar is done some of the pros will no doubt be looking for action.
For further information, call Eric at 519 379-7909. Or email

Holland Chatsworth Central School Curling Electives


Twelve students attended three Wednesdays at Williamsford Curling Club for their school elective. They enjoyed learning all about the curling game from the four Williamsford Curling Club Volunteers. They practiced their skills and eventually played a curling game.  All the students were excited. They enjoyed sweeping, throwing the rocks and playing an actual game.

We thank the following volunteers – Gord Wyld, Jim Walters, Wayne Duquette , Paul McKay and parent Maren Specht.

We also thank the Wednesday’s Master Group for accommodating the time change.

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Student Curling

Student CurlingHolland Chatsworth Central School Curling Elective Program

“Ken & Lorne Lagerquist, thanks to organizing, instructing and mentoring the students.”

-Keith Lefebvre